Change is like a wave that keeps getting bigger and bigger, there is no way to avoid it but there are ways to surf it

Supporting organisations and individuals that want to thrive in complexity and uncertainty

Complexity and uncertainty

are not the enemies

Nurturing Choicefulness supports organisations, teams, and individuals at all levels to enhance their adaptive capacity and flexibility to thrive in a more complex, polarised, and changing world. We do this by meeting our clients where they are at and co-creating with them bespoke responses to their challenges.

At the core of what we do, we disrupt mindsets, our aim is to create a context that invites movement or change that is sustainable through time and delivers practical outcomes.

Creating sustainable change

The Nurturing Choicefulness Way

We embrace the “messiness” of organisations, weaving a complexity science lens in our responses. We work with the patterns of interaction that emerge in the interplay of intentions, plans, choices, and actions of all involved.

Not all change is the same. Develop your individual and organisational adaptive capacity to manage change in a more nuanced way.

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Discover new ways to innovate, energise, and create a context for people to collaborate, in a safe way.

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Improve the health and effectiveness of your organisation with a workforce that keeps thriving.

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Our practice exists to co-create contexts where people and organisations can thrive

In a journey with clients we develop their adaptive capacity to ride the waves of complexity and uncertainty.

Co-creating sustainable change with






«It didn’t take long for us to realize that in working with Monica we were entering a new space and playing a different game. The most noticeable change has been on the quality of questions individuals on the team are asking and the new ways of thinking that have emerged. Think of Nurturing Choicefulness as the Blue Ocean OD Strategists.»

Director of People Services