Shades of change

Nuanced change as a sustainable competitive advantage

Shades of Change is an opportunity to increase your organisation’s competitive advantage, by shifting away from miss-matching change methods, techniques, and measures with what the context requires and your desired outcomes.

The program can be delivered in multiple ways, the most common are:

  • As a targeted intervention – working hand in hand with organisational change leaders.
  • Or a series of developmental workshops – build the capacity of your change leaders and teams to make sense of their environments, review the change pipeline, understand how those initiatives impact others, plan and strategize on what tools and methods will be most helpful, and how to measure success in each of those contexts.

This program helps you take the best of what has worked in your system, understand why it has worked, get clarity about the change nuances, learn how to strategize, and plan for each context. Not all changes require training, the measures of success in each of these contexts are different and what is required to make them happen is distinct.

Best Fit

If you are struggling with

  • Resistance to change – from users or sponsors.
  • False starts and change programs that do not deliver any change.
  • Change fatigue.
  • Getting with more demands for change.
  • Too many competing commitments – unsure where to start first.
  • Having used all the tools in your tool-kit and the changes that you are hoping for do not stick.
  • Helping your team rethink change, and the only way to do so is with training.
Important Side Effects

You will gain

  • A more nuanced understanding of how change emerges and how to actively nudge the system.
  • Visibility over aspects of change that are not apparent to the un-train eye.
  • A more strategic attitude when acting.
  • An evolved quality of Generative & Critical Thinking.
  • An improved self-efficacy and accountability.

Learn the power of small changes and why they work to achieve more sustainable change

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