Wayfinding Through Feedback

A custom-designed series of workshops to cultivate actionable communication and constructive interactions within organizations. 

We support organizations facing challenges that require a change in mindset, perspectives, habits, priorities, and behavior.

In times of unprecedented and unpredictable change, organizations need to build capacity to adapt. To create long-lasting transformation, organizations must set the conditions for people to feel comfortable exchanging interpersonally and systemically about the things that matter most.

How do you grow a feedback culture that advances the best interests of the organization while tending to the well-being and growth of individuals and teams?

Wayfinding Through Feedback

Is a sequential 15-session live-online program comprised of two main clusters. Each cluster has seven sessions which are delivered in two hourly weekly sessions. At the end of the first cluster, there is a 3-week pause between clusters for participants to actively integrate and experiment with what they learned before starting cluster 2. Four weeks after completing Cluster 2, there is a further integration session. For those organizations and participants that want to deepen their understanding of how feedback impacts the wider system, there is also an optional 3rd cluster of seven weekly workshops focusing on a systems perspective.

Cluster 1

I | Me

Exploring my backpack

At the individual level, participants examine their relationship with feedback, including the feedback they give themselves. They increase awareness of how they receive input and practice leveraging feedback as an everyday resource for growth and development.

“How do I receive feedback?”

Cluster 2

You | Me

Journeying with others

At the interpersonal level, participants develop their capacity to share input in ways that enhance learning and relationships.

“How do I provide feedback?”

Cluster 3 | OPTIONAL

We | System

Understanding the terrain

At the systemic level, participants identify approaches to feedback that foster sustainable transformation and support the organization to adapt effectively to complex and changing conditions. 

“How do I enable and contribute to effective feedback at the systemic level?”

These clusters are designed to

  • Improve communication and collaboration by transforming feedback loops at multiple levels of scale:
    • Feedback within individuals (intrapersonal)
    • Feedback between individuals (interpersonal)
    • Feedback at the level of systems (departments, organizations, communities, and industries)

  • Access the power of feedback loops for sustainable organizational change.

  • Build the foundation to shift organizational climate and culture by building capacity for system members to design and manage flows of information.

  • Generate ongoing awareness of, and flexibility toward, the changing demands of the organization’s internal and external environment.

How does it work?

Location: Remote and live online with participant access to a Learning Management System (LMS) where learning resources, assignments, and session recordings are stored.

Duration: Each cluster consists of six weekly live-online core content sessions (2 hours each) plus a live online orientation and a follow-up integration session (90 minutes each).

Deliverable: The content of each series is custom-made for your organization’s requirements. All programs include 15 hours of live facilitation with 3 seasoned coaches present at each session. Participants have access to our LMS with workbooks, session recordings, and bonus material.

Participation requirements: The content we create for your organization depends on your specific challenges and opportunities. Some workshops target individuals in leadership roles, while others are made for a broader range of contributors and collaborators. For your organization to gain the most benefit from Wayfinding Through Feedback, the Nurturing Choicefulness team asks that decision-makers and those in direct management roles contribute to agenda-setting discussions on the types of challenges the program will address.

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The organizational value of investing time, resources and funds in this program

The key to enduring transformation is to establish organizational conditions that support individuals to engage in candid and productive discussions with others and the wider organization about the issues that matter most.

Greater innovation.

Participants develop a more profound sense of trust with one another which enhances their willingness to try new solutions and create new opportunities together.

Increased collaboration.

As levels of trust increase, so does the likelihood of proactive collaboration and the emergence of shared problem-solving strategies.

From conflict management to self-directed solution finding.

As participants practice openness to multiple perspectives with genuine curiosity, they develop flexible new ways of thinking, being, and doing. This stance enables a shift from conflict management to creative problem-solving.

A wiser, more insightful workforce.

Participants develop a more nuanced understanding of feedback by learning to approach feedback as useful data that is around and within each person rather than “good/bad” judgments. As participants move beyond polarized “black & white”, “all-or-nothing” thinking, they can hold more sophisticated patterns of thought. This more nuanced perceiving correlates with a more complex mindset that is associated with adult vertical development.

Expanded accountability and resourcefulness.

Participants develop new awareness that promotes greater self-efficacy over interaction outcomes. They can better work with differences and de-escalate disputes.

More adaptive capacity.

Participants learn to recognize habitual mechanisms of managing feedback so they can be more choiceful in response. Adaptive capacity is the ability to choose how to respond consciously, rather than to react on impulse. Adaptive capacity that is fostered through group learning supports more adaptive group behavior. More adaptive individuals and groups are better positioned to contribute to a more adaptive organization.

A healthy organization.

Participants learn to give and receive feedback so that everyday input becomes actionable data to inform decisions, learning and growth. By attending to informal feedback interactions, participants support the foundation for an organization with system-wide patterns of reflection and wise action.

A culture of possibility.

Participants experience their own potential to shine by their own standards. They practice being accountable for their ongoing learning and growth. What emerges is a broadening of mind from focusing on constraints to seeing possibilities.

Job satisfaction.

One of the top drivers of job satisfaction is the respectful treatment of employees at all levels. Participants improve their capacity to recognize issues arising from their environment, and have greater potential to facilitate effective and respectful ways to navigate tensions.


This program enables participants to harvest the benefits of feedback for every domain of life and throughout their careers. It is genuine personal as well as professional development. Participants feel valued that the organization is investing in who they are as people by providing them with a development opportunity that makes a real difference in the whole of their lives. They appreciate that the organization is making an investment in something that matters to them. At the end of the day, appreciative employees are more likely to result in appreciative customers.

The impact Wayfinding Through Feedback has on participants

Challenges participants wanted to address with the course

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What happened for participants during the program

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Delightful surprises participants experienced during the course

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What participants say about the experience

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Meet the facilitators

Monica Leon

An experienced global OD practitioner, facilitator, and executive coach, specializing in sticky issues, open systems theory, complex systems, and innovative work practices that intertwine vertical development and achieve sustainable results. Monica believes in tapping into the collective wisdom to co-create, and being a strategic thinker by nature. She focuses on mobilizing and expanding her clients’ abilities to make desired changes in their sticky issues. Monica holds a BS with honors in Economics and International Studies from Wilson College, an MBA with distinction from UFSIA, Belgium, and a Master of Science in Organisation Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University, USA. She is working towards her PCC ICF Coach and has been a certified Senior and Global Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & GPHR).

Wendy Morris

An award-winning facilitator of learning and leadership development, especially for leading in complexity, Wendy has designed more than 500 leadership development and engagement programs, while teaching at premier leadership centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Development and is affiliated with two research and training centers at the University of Minnesota. Her work has received 25 awards for excellence and is informed by 19,000 hours of mindfulness and embodiment practice.

Dr. Andrea Polzer-Debruyne

An internationally trained psychotherapist and adult learning specialist, focusing on linking individual and organizational development through coaching, mentoring, and interactive group facilitations. Andrea sees life as an exploration of possibilities, some of which we may not notice at first glance. With a PhD in organizational psychology, Andrea has lectured and supervised theses in Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of Auckland and Massey University (NZ). The organizations she is working with range from not-for-profits to local government and national as well as international commercial companies.

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