Strategic Adaptive Planning

Improve the health and effectiveness of your organisation

Strategic Adaptive Planning is an opportunity to co-create your Future from the bottom up. By bottom-up, we mean that participants at different levels of the organisation are invited to participate.

The program has been set up as a series of developmental workshops that deliver an Adaptive Strategy. It integrates thinking strategically with action. In between sessions, some actions bring the strategy to life and inform what is helpful or not in your current context.

The sessions aim to find skillful ways to move forward and achieve the desired outcomes based on your current context. Depending on the existing material, we can start with what you have already at hand or create something new altogether if needed. If you don’t have a strategy, we can start from scratch, helping you think and develop one.

Best Fit

If you are struggling with

  • The feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  • The constant demands of different stakeholders and having finite resources (money, time, or resources).
  • Market shifting either internally or externally.
  • Leading your team into developing a strategic thinking mindset.
  • Your group stuck in seeing problems as two competing commitments and making binary decisions.
Important Side Effects

You will gain

  • Quality of Generative & Critical Thinking evolves.
  • Participants have a more nuanced understanding of how they can actively make strategic decisions/activities happen.
  • Better quality of discussion about issues that matter between participants.
  • Improves participant self-efficacy and accountability.

Take the best of your current strategy and re-examine what is in front of you in new ways

Strategic Adaptive Planning in Action

During an internal HR meeting they asked

“What’s one thing that you learned during our sessions with Nurturing Choicefulness that you have put into action?”

“Asking more questions – trying to remember to ask questions and be curious when engaging into a new conversation/situation.  It will take a constant effort to ask rather than speak.”

“I’m catching myself using more inquiry, responding to questions vs answering right away.  Tapping more into curiosity.  I’m also aware of when other people do it from the team.”

“Being more open to others – and willing to just start on a task without having the end answer in mind.”

“Thinking about what I do and checking myself on our purpose for co-creation.”

“Thinking about what part of my job is and isn’t contributing to our purpose.”

Disclaimer: We respect the decision of our clients to keep their identity anonymous to protect the privacy of their respective organisations.

Other ways we may support you

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