Human Systems Dynamics Essentials

A highly interactive learning process designed to shift the way you solve problems for your team, your organization, and yourself.

Expand your potential to respond wisely to the unexpected

Develop a new set of skills, abilities, and insights that enable you to respond flexibly and effectively no matter what is happening around you or your organization.

HSD Essentials helps you thrive in uncertainty — even when you can't know everything

Who are the changemakers that have experienced deep change with HSD Essentials?

Busy professionals looking to drive meaningful change in their organizations seek more creativity and less stress and, ultimately, are open to exploring new ways of thinking, perceiving, and acting.

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HSD Essentials helps you thrive in uncertainty — even when you can't know everything

Here are six ways participants have described our highly interactive, live-online learning experience.

Learn by doing. Bring your own "sticky issue" and gain hands-on experience.

Learn how to ask different questions that open up new possibilities for action.

Acquire the tools to map unknowable and seemingly unrelated situations.

Identify and shift the patterns that impact your work and life at different levels.

Discover how to influence unpredictable and rapidly shifting conditions.

Create conditions for deep learning to develop adaptive capacities.

An intensive six week program with follow-up integration sessions.

To ensure you understand how to apply these new perspectives to your daily challenges and opportunities we meet twice a week for a 6-week intensive learning period followed by 2 once-a-month integration sessions.

These meetings include a brief yet deep introduction to Human Systems Dynamics concepts, models, and methods all mixed with real-time activities.

The Program

  • Discover the two paradigms of thought that limit and/or expand your capacity to cope with uncertainty and respond effectively.


  • An introduction to foundational HSD principles and practices to generate understanding and action in human systems that you can’t predict or control.
  • Patterns that characterize complex adaptive systems.


  • Patterns that allow you to work more effectively within complex adaptive systems.
  • Conditions for deep learning to develop adaptive capacities through innovation and imagination.


  • How to move beyond “stuckness” by recognizing and attending to multiple levels of scale. 


  • Characteristics of change in unpredictable settings and identifying opportunities to influence that change.
  • Build your adaptive capacity to respond to unpredictable change by seeing patterns in the world around you.


  • Understanding the implications and meanings of patterns in your systems.


  • Responding to emergent patterns with wise, informed action.
  • How to navigate multiple perspectives and discern which one to apply in your current situation.


  • How to move forward amid the messiness and complexity of competing priorities.
  • Distinguish between traditional, linear change, and emergent, complex, adaptive change processes.


  • Explore an approach to influence change in complex adaptive systems that:
    1. Generates coherence with minimum constraint.
    2. Supports adaptation over time.
    3. Builds connections across and within all levels of the system.
  • There are two follow-ups sessions 90-minute each to ensure that the learning is being actively applied.
  • Sessions will be held one month and two months after the final session.
  • Address your challenges and celebrate your wins  / successes.

If you are open to a complete game-changer in terms of how to approach work, this course is for you.

I considered myself the “Queen of Tools,” thinking that I had knowledge of a fair number of them coming into this course. HSD Essentials opened my eyes to an entirely new framework that includes tools, of course, but is much more than that. This course was so enjoyable in so many ways…almost like a spa experience for my brain. It was rejuvenating and energizing.

Jane Martel
Sr. Project Manager, Arapahoe Libraries

Enlightenment, growth, bonding, contemplation, processing, learning.

The HSD Essentials course helped me analyze my sticky issue in a way I never would have before. It allowed me to dive deep, ask questions, discover what exactly was at play within the system to be able to better understand the issue, what the impact is and what I can do moving forward to make ripples of change. This course has helped me serve a greater purpose in my work.

Stacie Schuh
Learning Specialist

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Meet the facilitators

Monica Leon

An experienced global OD practitioner, facilitator, and executive coach, specializing in sticky issues, open systems theory, complex systems, and innovative work practices that intertwine vertical development and achieve sustainable results. Monica believes in tapping into the collective wisdom to co-create, and being a strategic thinker by nature. She focuses on mobilizing and expanding her clients’ abilities to make desired changes in their sticky issues. Monica holds a BS with honors in Economics and International Studies from Wilson College, an MBA with distinction from UFSIA, Belgium, and a Master of Science in Organisation Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University, USA. She is working towards her PCC ICF Coach and has been a certified Senior and Global Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & GPHR).

Wendy Morris

An award-winning facilitator of learning and leadership development, especially for leading in complexity, Wendy has designed more than 500 leadership development and engagement programs, while teaching at premier leadership centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Development and is affiliated with two research and training centers at the University of Minnesota. Her work has received 25 awards for excellence and is informed by 19,000 hours of mindfulness and embodiment practice.

Dr. Andrea Polzer-Debruyne

An internationally trained psychotherapist and adult learning specialist, focusing on linking individual and organizational development through coaching, mentoring, and interactive group facilitations. Andrea sees life as an exploration of possibilities, some of which we may not notice at first glance. With a PhD in organizational psychology, Andrea has lectured and supervised theses in Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of Auckland and Massey University (NZ). The organizations she is working with range from not-for-profits to local government and national as well as international commercial companies.

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