Execuive Coaching

I am guided by compassionate action — an open-ended, fearless approach to be with what is rather than struggle against it.

Change is like a wave that keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is no way to avoid it but there are ways to surf it.

A lot of disappointment stems from the idea that the world is like a clock where things follow a precise order or people should say and do as you say.

So we set expectations that are carved in stone and take little notice of how our context or situations are changing. We judge our success by the degree of stability and certainty that this generates. Messiness tries to describe the countless ways in which the future is unknowable.

For instance, you may steadily work towards building a successful portfolio of work and become ready for promotion, and as you are ready to take that big step, the company is sold, your boss is transferred and your promotion is put on hold, the market changes and your skills are no longer needed, now you need to learn something new.

In our coaching sessions

You learn how to develop your capacity to notice, understand and act in rapid cycles to increase your sensitivity to what is happening inside yourself and around you.

Over time, you start spotting and labeling new patterns as they emerge. Develop a more nuanced understanding of the issue at hand. Learn to see new possibilities. When you see new possibilities, then you can try to learn new ways of seeing and being with what is.

Think about a pattern that you want to create rather than goals that you want to achieve

A goal for us is like a single musical note; a pattern is more like a composition that has a richness to it and is more than just the string of a few notes.

See issues from multiple perspectives, at different levels of scale

Such as other people, organisations, etc. I set conditions where you will feel deeply listened to and share what is genuine and helpful.

Understand that you are part of a complex adaptive system

Where you are influenced by the environment around you, and that it continues to change – so rapidly or slowly that is hard to see without intention.

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How the sessions work

Here we should explain if there are packs or something like that. How many sessions, time investment, etc.

Meet your coach

Monica Leon

An experienced global OD practitioner, facilitator, and executive coach, specialising in sticky issues, complex systems, and innovative work practices that intertwine vertical development and achieve sustainable results. Monica believes in tapping into the collective wisdom to co-create, and being a strategic thinker by nature, she specialises in mobilising her clients’ abilities to make desired changes in their sticky issues. Monica holds a BS with honors in Economics and International Studies from Wilson College, an MBA with distinction from UFSIA, Belgium, and a Master of Science in Organisation Development from Pepperdine University, USA. She is working towards her PCC ICF Coach and has been a certified Senior and Global Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & GPHR).

Schedule a call with Monica Leon to hace a curious conversation about the Executive Coaching service and how it can benefit you