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Improve the health and effectiveness of your organisation, managing the polarity of high financial and technical performance and ensuring that the organisation has a workforce that continues to thrive.

If you are looking for a way to create a nimble more adaptive strategy that allows you to move fast, and to create new patterns of connecting with your organisation and market, this is the program for you. The process helps participants make sense and relate to their context in a non-linear way, so that they can explore and amplify new opportunities and creatively destruct what is no longer serving them.

Not all change is the same. We invite you to develop your individual and organisational adaptive capacity to manage change in a more nuanced way based on seeing your organisation as a complex adaptive system (CAS). The system response is not always predictable. However, you can learn how to make sense of it, and learn what will work best and when you can use more traditional methodologies to accomplish the changes that you and your organisation require.

Your ability to see nuance, will allow you to choose different methods and tools minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects on trust levels, productivity, engagement, time, feelings of irrelevancy, and financial resources.

Our immersion workshops are tailor to respond to your organisational opportunities and challenges. Our workshops weave together vertical people development, getting work done, and support you in delivering at times pressing organisational outcomes.

If you are looking for targeted micro-interventions that make a difference, grow the adaptive capacities of your people, and nudge your system to change in sustainable ways. Our developmental workshops can support you during this journey.

Our practice is bilingual– workshops can be delivered in English & Spanish.

What they say about us

The people of Nurturing Choicefulness gently challenged me to dig deeper which helped me reach critical insights and understand more fully my leadership style and the mindset that drove those behaviours.

Executive Leader

I have better insight about myself, how I am perceived, where I can improve-creating greater productivity. Being able to talk something through and gain a better perspective. I gain awareness of perspectives, beliefs and attitudes that were holding me back.

Team Leader

We came together as a team and realised the benefits of doing so. Team is bigger than organisational restructure. Pause for reflection, learning and improvement. Opportunity to reinvent myself.

Senior Leadership Group

Disclaimer: We respect the decision of our clients to keep their identity anonymous to protect the privacy of their respective organizations

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Lao Tzu