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We believe that change continually happens, leading to irrelevancy that we often do not anticipate.  It happens personally and it happens professionally. 

As individuals, it happens every time we feel we are unable to make our contributions heard or be felt.  It can happen when we change jobs, get new employers, or when we retire by choice or by organizational shifts.

Organisations become conscious of the ripple effects of a society that carries the weight of a growing number of people that feel “irrelevant and excluded.” 

Our practice exists to support individuals and organisations that want to develop the skills to re-create themselves and find chaos and change as prompts to activate their antifragile capabilities.

Antifragility is our ability to benefit from disruption, and we are able to thrive and grow in this environment. It goes beyond resilience (recovery from failure) and robustness (resisting failure).  Rather, it increases organisations’ and individual’s overall capacity to thrive in unknown environments, using uncertainty, volatility, mistakes or failures, as fuel to generate new versions or enhanced versions of self themselves.

What We Stand For

Our values

as a Superpower

 Being aware of our environment, connections, and relationships. The conscious act of choosing.


An open-ended fearless approach to be with what is rather than struggle against it.


We find joy in actively looking for discoveries, learnings, and connections among the old and the new. Repacking our knowledge as we unlearn.


We speak and listen deeply in ways that promote a path forward. We share what is genuine and helpful.

Our purpose

Our practice exists to co-create contexts where people and organisations can thrive

In a journey with clients, we develop their adaptive capacity to ride the waves of complexity and uncertainty.

Meet Monica

Our founder

Collective Wisdom to Co-create

Monica Leon is the heart of our organisation. She is an experienced facilitator and disruptor who believes in tapping into the collective wisdom to co-create and raise awareness.

Her specialty is in complex systems, strategic thinking, and innovative work practices that intertwine development and work with a focus on vertical development in organisations. She is always incorporating practices that expand the mindset capacity of individuals and organisations in having greater choice and outcome focused flexibility.

People describe Monica as a curious, compassionate listener and life-long learner. You will always find her reading or joining different groups to enhance the way she understands the world. She loves to travel and takes the time to cultivate and nurture her circle of friends around the globe. Originally from Peru, Monica now calls New Zealand her home, where she lives in Auckland with her daughter.

Monica holds an MSOD from Pepperdine University, an MBA from UFSIA, Belgium, is a certified Senior and Global Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & GPHR), and an ACC ICF Coach.

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